J.T. Tiller

J.T. Tiller
Team Number:4
Birth Date:01/01/1988

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J.T. Tiller is a point guard for the Mizzou Tigers basketball team. Before joining the Missouri squad, Tiller was an already an outstanding player and racked up numerous awards along the way. J.T. Tiller was named the nation’s 37th best backcourt performer by Rivals.com and one of the top eight guards in the state of George, so Mizzou was grateful to have him sign on to their Tigers basketball squad.

Ever since he began as a freshman on the Missouri Tigers basketball team, J.T. Tiller has been outstanding and has never missed the chance to play in a game. Even as a freshman, Tiller finished the season as a team-leader in steals, continuing that success into the next few Missouri seasons. As a sophomore and junior, Tiller earned the recognition he deserved by being named the 2009 Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year and 2009 All-Big 12 Honorable mention, among others. J.T. Tiller has also broken the school record for number of starts in a season.

Now in his senior year as the Big 12’s top perimeter defender, J.T. Tiller is ready to continue his relentless basketball way of play this season. With a constant hustle and ever-progressing basketball abilities, J.T. Tiller is sure to impress the fans at a Missouri Tigers basketball game. Check out the Tigers basketball schedule to purchase your Missouri basketball tickets today.

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