Justin Safford

Justin Safford
Team Number:23
Birth Date:01/01/1988

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Justin Safford is a skilled lefty post player for the Missouri Tigers basketball team. Safford currently leads all of the Mizzou Tiger post players in game experience and is ready to bring everything he has this next season.

Before beginning his collegiate career at Mizzou, Justin Safford was already listed among the nation’s Top 20 post-graduate players by Dave Telep of Scout.com and as a three-start performer by Rivals.com. Safford had a solid first season with the Missouri Tigers, playing in 24 games with an average of 8.9 minutes per game. Safford constantly impressed his teammates, fans and coaches as he was devoted to improving his basketball abilities.

As a sophomore with the Tigers, Justin Safford was given the nod to play in all 38 games where he blew the competition out of the water. Safford proved to be an incredible three-point shooter, rebounder and all-around great player. Safford finished the season strong, and expects to continue that success into the next few seasons with the Missouri Tigers.

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