Mike Anderson

Mike Anderson
Team Number:1
Birth Date:12/12/1959
Position:Head Coach

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Mike Anderson is the head coach for the MU Tigers basketball team. As an Alabama native, Anderson led his own high school basketball team to the semifinals of the Alabama state basketball tournament and won all-state honors. Mike Anderson went on to attend the University of Tulsa, where he quickly found his spot on the Golden Hurricanes basketball team. Anderson helped his team win the NIT title, as well as taking home to NCAA tournament championship.

Mike Anderson began his coaching career upon graduation at his Alma Mater, University of Tulsa, in 1982. Anderson then followed his college football coach to the University of Arkansas where he coached as his assistant until 2002. After a 17-year stint as an assistant coach, Mike Anderson was ready to go it on his own, and took the head coach position at the University of Alabama-Birmingham. Anderson coached the Blazers to three NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament in three years and to one appearance in the National Invitation Tournament.

After leading his numerous teams to victory, Mike Anderson was offered a position with the Missouri Tigers for the 2006 season. It was up to Anderson to turn the Tigers, the now poor performers, into the outstanding team they have become today. To the surprise of everyone, the Missouri Tigers were able to clean up their act in three short years and capture the first Big 12 Tournament championship in Anderson’s career.

Mike Anderson signed a 7-year extension contract to stay at Mizzou on March 31, 2009. Anderson passed up an offer from the University of Georgia, which was worth more than half a million more than what he received from Missouri, because his work isn’t quite finished at Missouri.

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