Quincy Hamilton

Quincy Hamilton
Team Number:43
Birth Date:12/31/1969

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Quincy Hamilton is back for the 2011 Tigers football season. The official Missouri Tigers roster lists Quincy Hamilton as 5’11 and 185 pounds. Hamilton’s height and size make him agile, yet strong, while trying to help his fellow Mizzou corners with deep-pass coverage as a safety. Hamilton will most likely act as the free safety since he is smaller and faster, and will provide variable and extra pass coverage

Quincy Hamilton is proud to call himself a Missouri Tigers football player and University of Missouri student. As a freshman for the 2011 Tigers football season, Hamilton is ready to show the Mizzou Tigers he deserves his spot at Faurot Field.

Do you think Quincy Hamilton has what it takes to be on the Mizzou Tigers defensive lineup this season? Buy your Mizzou Tigers football tickets today and find out!

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